Removing Creases from Silk Ties – Is It Possible?

Removing Creases from Silk Ties – Is It Possible?

For men, a nice tie is a beacon of statute and style. And what makes a tie is the material it is made of. Naturally, silk is the ultimate material for a proper tie. However, the downside to silk as a material is that is it known for its tendency to crease quite easily. Because of that very reasons, there are so many men that are stuck with a closet stuffed with expensive, luxurious silk ties that will probably never be worn again. What a shame, right?

Thankfully, there are a few solutions, provided that wrinkles or creases are not very deep, which require a lot of hard work and finesse, but can revive your expensive, stylish silk ties. On the other hand, if the wrinkles or creases are deep and old, there is not much you can do but throw it in the garbage . Let’s take a look at the two methods which can be used to revive your silk ties.

Using a Clothes Steamer

The first and easiest method of reviving your silk tie is the clothes steamer. For starters, you should use the lowest steam setting and make slow, gentle downward strokes. Keep the steamer as close as possible, but take care not to touch it directly with the material, since it is very possible that you will cause discoloration to the silk or tarnish it. This method will soften even the deepest creases, and make your tie wearable again. Read professional garment steamer reviews to chose one.

If you do not own a shirt steamer there are still a few other hacks you can make use of. For instance, you can hang your tie in your bathroom while you are taking a hot shower, and let the steam generated from the shower do the work. Granted, it is much less effective, and it will only work on lighter creases.

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Shoe Matching Fashion Tips for Men


Without a doubt there are lots of fashion related questions all men have but hesitate to ask.Furthermore, women are going to start judging you the very second they notice what you wear on your feet. Make no mistake, that is very true, but also potential clients, employers, men and your employees might also be in secret rating you according to colour, the style and condition of your sneakers.

It may sound stupid, but men are known to succumb to that pressure and wear nothing but sneakers just to be on the safe side. However, you should not be afraid to risk it. Try something new and unique. To start doing that, you first need to know what shoes go with which type of outfit. Let’s get you started:

  • Learn all the kinds of men’s shoes available out there.

You need to do this as soon as possible. Especially if you have been sticking to your sneakers, or mandatory work boots for your entire life. Loafers, moccasins, oxfords, cowboy boots, sandals are only a fraction of the options you have. Watching standing shoes reviews video to chose your right shoes.

  • Make choices based on the shirts you wear.

If you are not sure what kind of shoes to wear with your favorite jeans or trousers, make the decision based on the shirts you wear often. For example, you can easily wear loafers with buttoned shirts. Next, you can wear boots or shoes with thick soles with a sweater. Popular polo shirts go well with casual loafers.

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